Thursday, March 5, 2015

Our 2015 Disney Vacation (February 13 - part one)

Day #9 - Friday Febrauary 13 2015 (part one)

I talked with Mom this morning and it was 18 degrees there....UGH! This was our last day in Disney and reality was sinking in....we would head back to COLD weather very soon (and little did we know that The Big Freeze of 2015 was on it's way!!!). :o(
After going to the front desk and adding the night to our stay, we were off to Magic Kingdom for our last park day. :o(

We went over to Fantasy Land to check out the wait time for Seven Dwarfs, but it was 100 minutes- no thanks! We actually never got the chance to ride it this trip since we changed our park plans from Wednesday and couldn't get a FP today. It went on the to-do list for next year. Mickey's Philharmagic was a walk on, so we did that next. We always love this 3D show! It was already after 11:00 and since we hadn't had breakfast, we decided to get some lunch. The Pinocchio Village Haus is right next door and we love their food, so we stopped in for lunch. I love the new outdoor seating area (and it was warm enough for lunch outside today).

We shared the Caprese Flatbread and the Chicken Breast Nuggets - 8 pcs. served with french fries and a large Diet Coke. The sweetest CM noticed my birthday pin and chatted with me a little, then gave me a piece of chocolate birthday cake. :O) We were paying OOP today for meals and this lunch was $23.72. It was delish as usual.

We had some fast passes coming up, but had a little time before our first one, so we hopped on the Riverboat and took a ride. We caught a little of the parade as we passed, but got to see it from a better view later today.

Now, it was time for our FP for the Magic Carpet Ride......

....then on to Frontierland to catch the train around the park. We spotted a Woody & Jessie meet and greet along the way.

We made the complete loop around the park and got off back in Frontierland just in time for our BTMRR fast pass.

We had a little time before our last fast pass, so we headed over to Main Street for a snack break.

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