Friday, March 20, 2015

my birthday.....

The BIG 5-0....

Seriously though, I don't feel 50 and I can honestly say I didn't mind turning 50 at all. I feel so blessed to be happy and healthy and to be surrounded by family and friends who make me feel special and loved, not just on my birthday, but everyday.

I had another awesome birthday this year, which stretched out all week (and there is still some celebrating left to do). :O)

Mom and Dad gave me $$ and Mom made me an oatmeal cake - a favorite! My family is weird and rarely want a traditional birthday cake. D-E-L-I-S-H!

I got the sweetest gift from sister that I opened a few days early.

I got lots of cards, some birthday $$, a cute mug & tea from my bff Wanda.

Thanks to social media, I got lots of birthday wishes via the boys Facebook pages, Instagram and Pinterest. I got these from my sweet daughter in-law.....

Tonight, Kayla showed up with a gift from Nathan (who is away at work) and she gave me an itunes card. :O)

A wireless speaker for the ipod he gave me for Christmas and the BIGGEST card I ever received. It pops open to a bouquet of flowers. LOVE IT!!!

My birthday celebration will continue on Tuesday when Peter and I go away for the night (my gift from him). We'll also get to see Logan & Lindsey on the way home. :O)

I feel very blessed!

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