Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Happiness Project: February (pt.5)

The Happiness Project

February 2015 : Remember Love

Part 5
{Give Proofs of Love}
Whatever love you feel in your heart, others must see by your actions.
- express affection
-say "I love you"
- hug often
- leave unexpected notes, messages, or emails
- be silly sometimes
- do small gestures of love
- be considerate
- special treats
- spend time together
- have a "date night"
- go to bed at the same time
- never criticize
- try doing a "week of extreme nice"
(no nagging, criticizing, or snapping)
I used to do this to Morgan all the time when we were little :) I loved him so much I would squeeze him a hard as I possibly could!
When thinking about happiness, we tend to focus on the other person to change in order to boost our happiness. In fact, you can't change anyone but yourself. When you give up expecting your spouse to change (within reason), you lessen anger and resentment, and that creates a more loving atmosphere in your marriage.
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