Friday, February 20, 2015

Our 2015 Disney Vacation (February 5 & 6)

What an awesome, awesome trip we had!! Since I love documenting our vacations, I want to write it all down here while it's still fresh in my mind. I jot down notes everyday while we are away so I won't forget the details, but like to post pictures too (and I took LOTS of pictures). I love looking back at our previous trips to see all the fun things we did.

Day #1 - Thursday February 05 2015 (a travel day)
We left a cold and windy VA and started our LONG drive. Other than a quick stop at Logan's house and Wal-Mart, the drive today was pretty uneventful. The CBBT had wind restrictions up, but thankfully, we were able to cross.
We listened to LOTS of SiriusXM during our drive....I thought it was cool that one of the first songs that came on was this one...

We stopped for lunch at Dairy Queen, and while I can't say much for the chicken strip basket I got, the mint chip blizzard made up for it. YUM!
We made it to South of the Border by 5:30.....
and stopped for the night at Country Inn & Suites in Pooler, GA around 8:30.
Dinner at Lonestar Steakhouse and day one was in the books.

Day #2 - Friday February 06 2015 (another travel day / arrive at WDW)

We left the hotel around 8:45, gassed up the SUV and started the last leg of our drive. Gas was so much cheaper this year, and made driving a money saving option. We got it for under $2.00 at several stations, but the average price per gallon was around $2.19-$2.29. 
Peter was super excited to be on vacation....can you tell? 
Other than stopping at a rest stop after entering Florida, we drove straight through to Orlando.

WE'RE HERE!!!!!!!!

We checked into ALL STAR MUSIC a night early.
We were scheduled to check in on Saturday morning, but got there today and just added the extra night. Of course, this would be a room only reservation for tonight, so no dining plan or park tickets until our package started tomorrow. No problem in WDW, there are plenty of things to do and places to eat without going to the parks. After settling into our room, we decided to head over to Downtown Disney. We had decided we would try to take the balloon ride (Characters In Flight), since we never got to do it last trip. 

First things first, LUNCH! We chose Earl of!

Next, we headed over to the Boardwalk to hang out and possibly have dinner and watch Epcot's fireworks.

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