Saturday, February 21, 2015

Our 2015 Disney Vacation (February 7- part one)

Day #3 - Saturday February 07 2015 (part one)

We got up early this morning and got ready. We weren't sure if we would be able to keep the same room or have to move (since we had added last night). We headed to front desk and after a little juggling, we got to keep our same room. :O) We went over to the food court and got our refillable mugs and a little breakfast. Mickey Waffles- YUM!

We were headed to the Magic Kingdom this morning, but before entering the park, we made a detour and took the boat over to Fort Wilderness Campgrounds!
Grand Floridian Resort

Contemporary Resort

Wilderness Lodge


I love seeing all the resorts from the water.


We signed up for the 1:00 trail ride and had a little time to walk around the campgrounds. While we were here for Hoop Dee Doo last year, I noticed that Trail's End did take-out from their restaurant. I knew that's where we would get lunch today. :O)
We got the fried chicken, cole slaw, mac & cheese, sodas and apple cobbler for dessert. This food is delicious and we may just have to try the restaurant buffet sometime!

$32.74 or 2 CS credits
Love how they package it up! :O) It was really too much food for the two of us, but we did our best! We found a table and had a little picnic. <3

The campgrounds are huge, we actually had to take an internal resort bus to get out to the Tri Circle-D Ranch Trail Rides.




Peter got the lead horse, Achilles, and I got the mischievous horse, Jessie. Peter had ridden year's ago, I had never done it. The CMs got everyone ready (there were about 10 of us), and the guide led to the trail. Peter was right behind the guide, then me. Peter's horse was very good, but mine would stop occasionally to snack on the leaves (he wasn't supposed to). He didn't mind me very well, but I could finally pull him away and get moving again. The trail ride took about 45 minutes. We loved it and would definately do this again. The cost was $45 per person but we used the discount card from our resort packet and rode for $78.

Side Note: There is a weight restriction to do the trail rides. The limit is 250 lbs. (and you actually step on scales-so no cheating!). Peter would not have been able to have done this last year. He has lost 30 lbs. and now weighs 242!!! I am so proud of him!!! :O)

We took the bus back to the boat area and rode back over to Magic Kingdom. Now we were ready to hit the park!

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