Monday, September 15, 2014

{weekend catch-up}

-great night for football!!  After losing to the Bills by 3 points last week, we were happy to see the Bears win against the 49ers!!!! So glad Marshall and Jeffrey were able to play- 3 TDs for Marshall!! Can't wait to go to the game next month!


-Mom and Dad leave today and will be in Maryland for at least two weeks. Her knee surgery is scheduled for Tuesday @noon and she is set up for PT for a few days a weeks for at least two weeks once she gets out of the hospital. Peter and I will be going to the hospital tomorrow, and I'll help more on this end, once she gets back home. I am praying that she will make out good with the surgery and recovery and hopefully be back to her wild self soon! Mom is very ambitious and is always busy doing something, her bad knee has frustrated her and she is often in pain. I am so happy that she is moving on with the surgery and hope she will be as good as new once she recovers! We have lots of organizing to do Mom!!! :0)

-Logan's boat was part of the Star Spangled 2014 celebration in Baltimore this weekend. He loves his boat and crew.

{DIY projects}
I haven't started yet, but this wooden arrow is my next it!!!! Dad is usually my helper, but maybe I can talk Peter into helping with this easy DIY project. :0)

Source: Pinterest

I have a bigger project that I'll need help with too- re-doing our dining tsble. I want to replace the existing trestle with the vintage wooden table legs I salvaged from the restaurant. I also want to refinish the table top and give it a weathered wood look or at least put a darker stain on it. Once I get the table looking like I want it.....I must have new chairs!!! I'm super excited about this project, Peter doesn't quite see my vision.....YET!! 



 15 days- last day at b&b 9/30

 18 days- Charlotte, NC weekend 10/03-10/06
 46 days- Halloween

 73 days- Thanksgiving 11/27

 101  days- Christmas 12/25

countdown to DISNEY........150 days!!!!

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