Monday, September 1, 2014

menu plan monday sept 1-7

Breakfast- this week is bagel week.....I bought two different kinds- plain and cinnamon raisin, plus a couple of flavored cream cheeses. I can also top with  peanut butter, cinnamon butter, or jelly (or even an egg if I want a "real" breakfast.) :0) Breakfast worked great last week, I had no problem eating the same thing every morning. I know bagels aren't as healthy, but I think just eating a small breakfast every morning is going to keep me from snacking later in the morning. I actually did feel better last week by starting each day with a little breakfast.

Lunch- pita pizzas and wraps until I use up everything, then maybe I'll switch to salads.

Dinner- planning took less time than I thought. I went through the freezer and fridge and made my menu using things I had on hand. I also decided to plan my weekly menu by using categories.....which I'll cook in no particular order. We'll see how that goes...

  • Chicken
  • Hamburger
  • Seafood
  • One Dish Meal
  • Soup
  • Quick Meal
  • Unplanned/Free Day

Here's this weeks menu so far:

(1) BBQ Chicken/Cole Slaw/Asparagus
(2) Broiled Fish/Baked Beans/Fried Apples/ left-over Cole Slaw
(3) Neapolitan Casserole
(4) Chicken Pot Pie
(5) Clam Chowder
(6) ?
(7) ?

I made a list of things I need from the store, but I had a lot of the ingredients on hand. I know that planning and being organized are the key to saving money! I'll also try to save time and be more organized by prepping as much as I can in one day for upcoming meals. I cooked chicken for two meals: the bbq chicken yesterday and for the chicken pot pie I'll make tomorrow. I also browned two pounds of hamburger with onion/green pepper: I froze one pound for a future meal and have the other ready to make the Neapolitan Casserole on Thursday. Today, I'll fix the broiled fish. I'm already seeing how much time (and money) I'm saving in the kitchen!! I love menu plan monday! :0) Now to keep it up....

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