Monday, September 22, 2014

menu plan monday: sept 22-28


Last week, we had eggs for breakfast, well, actually, I had eggs. Peter ended up having eggs once, then a smoothie twice, and a bowl of cereal the rest of the week. I stuck with my favorite egg dish, Egg in a Basket, all 6 days! YUM! Then yesterday, we made those yummy pumpkin waffles.

This week, we are doing hot cereal. Peter had oatmeal this morning (I had the left-over pumpkin waffle). :0) 

We both love hot cereal. Peter prefers his cooked, I prefer instant. We're improvising, so I bought a variety box of instant oatmeal and I already had a tube of oatmeal. I also have cream of wheat on hand, which I may make too. Of course, there will be fruit on the side (or maybe a banana in the oatmeal). 


For lunch, we are doing pita bread filled with tuna or shrimp, or a salad. We have cut wayyyyyy back on bread (like lately, no sandwiches for lunch). Still doing fruit or yogurt on the side, or a few baked chips. 


Last week we had:
- chili 
- grilled sausage/peppers/onions/squash & baked potato
- burgers on the grill/ corn on the cob
-  steamed shrimp & salad
- turkey hoagie & salad
- NY Strip Steak/ roasted brussels sprouts/ baked potato
- fried chicken & corn on the cob

Today, I cooked a pot of lima beans and fried a few soft crabs. Not sure what we'll be having the rest of the week, but I know we'll be eating LOTS of veggies. 

This is one of the perks of my job, returning guests insist on bringing me something from their local farmer's market. Thank you so much!!!

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