Thursday, September 4, 2014

fall chalkboard

*chalk love*

 -re-sharing an idea for reusing candle jars.......

.......just clean it out and add a label! 

My review of regular chalk vs. chalk markers.....

I love changing out my chalkboard every month and while I love how neat I can write with the markers, I don't like how hard it is to erase when switching it out.

 I really don't want to have to repaint it every time, so, most of the time I just use regular, old school chalk! 


Shellbell said...

I made a chalkboard wall in "Addison's Hallway" and she currently has her Bucket List on it! I'm thinking she may have seen yours this summer. what 7 year old has a bucket list anyway???!?!?!

Susan said...

That is so sweet! What's on her list? :0) She's something!

Shellbell said... list is:

Go to Paris (?!!?!??)
Build an American Girl house
Go to Washington DC
Go to Las Vegas
Re-do playroom

Paris...really. most kids want to go to Disney and she wants to go to Paris and Las Vegas?!?!

Susan said...

I like her list better than mine!! :0).....I wanna go to Paris!! :0)

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