Wednesday, September 24, 2014

100 Things....Clearing Out Clutter

(1) magazines- I threw away/gave away a huge stack of magazines. I don't currently have any subscriptions, but Nathan gets People, SI, and some fitness magazine and Peter gets National Fisherman. Mom passes along to me  copies of BH &G and Coastal Living, which I donated to the b&b reading pile.

(2) towels- I went through our bath towels and made rags (for the b&b) out of several that were worn.

(3) plastic containers- this is a biggie! Seriously, how many of these does one actually need or even use? Definitely not this many!



I know I still kept too much, but I actually got rid of this much stuff and I am also returning to Mom 4 divided plates w/lids.

I don't use some of the things I put back in the cabinet, so I may cull it over a little more during this 100 day clean out. I do use these small storage containers every week to separate fruit into individual servings, which is working really well.

We are not only eating more fruit, but nothing is going to waste anymore. I hated throwing out spoiled fruit every week! Guilty!
I eventually want to get away from using plastic altogether and use only glass storage containers and jars. Mom is already doing this and uses mason jars and glass Pyrex containers for food storage.  It always takes me longer to get on board. I'm still buying these little plastic individual serving cups....I know...I know....but they are just so handy.

I think I've done pretty good so far though. It just amazes me how much stuff we hold on to. It also helped me see some things that are worn and need replacing. At the top of my list....a new cutting board. I have 2 small, cheap, white ones that I've had forever. I know what I'm using my next Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon for! Of course, I'll then throw away the two old ones.

I've only tackled 3 categories so far, but have probably gotten rid of at least a dozen items. Just 88 items to's going to be a long road.....

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