Monday, September 29, 2014

100 things/cookbook storage

Since freeing up the junk drawer to now use as my mail center, my mail basket became new storage for my cookbooks.



I scaled back on my cookbook collection and tossed 8 cookbooks!
I did tear out a page or two of recipes I still might try, but the rest were either duplicates or recipes I can easily find on Pinterest.

This yellow basket that I was using was too big, so I'll repurpose it somewhere else. My cookbooks fit perfectly in the smaller basket.

I'm still using my recipe binder (which I love). I keep that and my Pioneer Woman cookbook stacked next to the basket.

The binder is great for holding recipe pages you tear out of magazines, or print off the computer.

I still have that small stack of recipe cards that can't seem to find a home. I should just add a few more pages to my binder and either tape them in or take the time to copy and print out.

I have many binders, but mostly use my recipe binder and daily home binder. Other categories that I have binders for are: printables, travel, and budget/insurances. Binders are just so handy!

Not counting the items from the junk drawer, subtract 8 items from the cookbook clean out, and I'm now down to = 80 items left to get rid of in this 100 Days/100 Things challenge!

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