Tuesday, September 2, 2014

random weekend catch-up post........

-Labor Day/Work.....while Labor Day is the last horrah for the summer for most, it marks the beginning of my countdown for another season's end. I was even more anxious for it this year, considering the summer I have had. I decided though, that my last night for guests this year will be Sept 30th. Normally, I stretch the season out into October. I feel much better now about finishing the year after making this decision! I'm now on the countdown and as of today I have 28 days.left!!!! :0) Labor Day meant beachin' and boatin' for many (and it was definitely hot enough for it!), but for others like me, it was a busy work weekend! 

-Nathan....speaking of working on Labor Day.....Nathan stayed busy over the weekend too. He'll finish up his two week tour tomorrow. Here are a few pictures from work that were posted on Instagram/Facebook. His boat was also featured in the company magazine....so proud of him.

Source: Pipeline

Nathan and the other deckhand, Ryan. 

Nathan took a picture of Logan's boat as it passed his boat! :0) The opposite crew is on now though, since Logan is home when Nathan is at work...hopefully, they will soon get back in the same schedule.

-Logan/Lindsey.....they have had a very busy two weeks. Miranda Lambert concert @ Virginia Beach his first weekend home, then a long holiday (Crab Derby) weekend last weekend. It's also his birthday tomorrow (and he heads back to work), so they celebrated that too. Miss them both!!

He's also getting ready for hunting season, which he loves.....
Lindsey bought me a copy of the wedding pictures when she came last month. I now need to spend some time picking out and having prints made. :0)

-Nascar....Peter has a love/hate relationship with NASCAR these days. Routing for his driver, Kasey Kahne, can be very frustrating. He was VERY happy to see Kahne win the race on Sunday night (like jump in the floor and holla kind of happy) :0) This win got him into the chase. Peter became a fan of Kahne's after Bill Elliott retired. Peter is also keeping his eye on Chase Elliott, Bill's son who is the same age as Nathan (Elliott)....yes, we named our child after a race car driver! :0) We are planning to visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame & Hendrick Motorsports Museum when we go to Charlotte next month, which I know Peter will love.

-Football.....speaking of sports......FOOTBALL starts on Thursday!!!!!!! and....the Bears play their first game on Sunday against the Bills.

We'll be heading back to Charlotte next month for our second trip to see the Bears vs. Panthers. This time, we'll allow a little time to actually see Charlotte. We are all very excited!!!!

-Fall.....I love FALL....the weather, the colors, work ends, the holidays, new season for tv shows, wearing jeans and boots..... I also love anything pumpkin...two of my favorite things: pumpkin creamer (the only time I love to drink coffee).and pumpkin scented candles. I also found these pumpkin spice.granola bars at the store! YUM!!


1 day - Logan's birthday!! 9/03
2 days- football starts 9/04
28 days- last day at b&b 9/30

31 days- Charlotte, NC weekend 10/03-10/06
59 days- Halloween

87 days- Thanksgiving

112  days- Christmas


Shanna Watson said...

Where did you find those granola bars?!? I'm sure I would love these, LOL.

Susan said...

They are so good! They have them at the store here....I bet Wal-Mart has them. They also had Apple cinnamon, but I'm sticking with the pumpkin.:0)

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