Tuesday, December 3, 2013

25 days of christmas movie mania

I'll be taking a little break from the movie abc's challenge..... I'll be busy this month watching lots of Christmas movies! On Sunday, while decorating the tree, I started the season off right with Polar Express then Miracle on 34th Street.

One of my most favorite movies to watch this time of year is The Family Man.
One of my favorite movies - The Family Man <3 <3
I dvr'd it earlier and watched it last night. It is one of those movies I can watch over & over again. I'm really enjoying watching holiday movies on my "new" tv {Peter's hand me down...LOL}.
I'm not a big tv junkie like Peter, but I must admit, movie watching is even better on a big tv!! :O)
The whole house has been rearranged until we re-d0 the living room, for now, I put the tv on my filing cabinet bench. Once we get the built-ins, we'll put the new tv on the wall and move the console tv stand in here to put this tv on.
Catching up with Movie ABC's---on to the letter L: Life of PI

What a great movie!!! Next up: the letter M......
A- Anna Karenina
B- The Bone Collector
C- Cold Mountain
D- Duplex
E- Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
F- The Five-Year Engagement
G- G.I. Jane
H- Hide & Seek
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

J- The Juror
Killing Kennedy
L- Life of Pi

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