Monday, September 16, 2013

movie abc's

I've been watching absolutely NOTHING on tv this summer! Well, except for Big Brother {I still can't believe how hooked I got this season!!} and Rookie Blue. Rookie Blue's season finale was last Thursday and Big Brother 15 wraps up on Wednesday {go GM!}. Peter's dvr queue is always full, he has several shows to watch every night. I can't seem to get into anything, and I don't always love to watch what he does. I do have a favorite though and I can't wait for the new season to start!!!! PARENTHOOD!!! :O)

(airs Thursday Sept 26 @10 p.m}

While I don't watch much tv, I do love movies! Only problem is, I seem to watch the same movies over and over. While flipping through the guide the other night, I thought maybe I could switch things up a bit and look for movies that were not my usual. I saw that Anna Karenina was on, so I started with that.
AnnaXAlexei- I think that anna could have saved their marriage, but I also do not think its good to stay in a relationship that makes you miserable. Oh, well.

 I decided to make this a little more fun {and random} and choose movies alphabetically {this should get interesting!}.

Since there was nothing on Saturday night, I looked for a movie for Peter and I to watch. I picked "The Bone Collector", because it not only started with the letter B, but it starred my fave, Denzel Washington, and neither of us had seen it.
The Bone Collector (Denzel Washington)
I cheated a little on the letter C. Cold Mountain was on again, and I can't resist watching!
Cold Mountain (2003)
I may go back to that letter if something good pops up as I go along. On to the next letter....D.

So here's the list so far:

A- Anna Karenina {IMO...Jude Law didn't look his best in this movie}

B- The Bone Collector

C- Cold Mountain {<3 <3 Jude Law in this!}


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