Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweater?

I'm curious.....who determined that anyone wearing a sweater with even a hint of holiday embellishments would now hold the embarrassing title of being an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" wearer? I mean, I know that it has gotten out of hand, I would never think of wearing anything like this.....
All time ugliest sweaters | VenTribe blog
{source: Pinterest}
or this

1980's Unisex Devil Bear Lightup Ugly Christmas Sweater. <-Actual description.
{source: Pinterest}
I actually may have worn something like this though.......and yes, with the turtleneck to match!

Photo Gallery: Television and Film's Ugliest Christmas Sweaters
btw, I love this movie :O)

........I know the girl in this next pic must have won 1st prize at the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party. :O) Clever idea though!
The transforming ugly Christmas sweater that turns into a Christmas tree.
{source: pinterest}

While I wouldn't wear any of those sweaters, I would however, love to start wearing my cute, red snowflake sweater again without fear of stares or whispers. I won't wear a turtleneck underneath though, I promise.
I also have this cute "tree" sweater that is in no way gaughty, I think it is actually very stylish! :O) It really looks nice with jeans & boots. {I've had it forever, but I think it is a "classic" piece.} :O)

I must confess, I do still own {but will never, ever wear again} this one:

It could be border-line ugly/cute though! :O) I'll guess I'll keep that one out of my winter closet, but I can't promise my "tree" sweater won't make an appearance this year {hey, maybe even my favorite snowflake sweater too}! We are supposed to be comfortable in our own skin {or sweater!} so, I say we bring back the Christmas sweaters! I think there are others out there that feel the same way, right?

What are your thoughts on this most important issue? Are you a Christmas sweater wearer?

{I'll be sure to post pictures if I actually work up the nerve to wear mine this year!!!} :O) :O)


Martha Alvarez said...

Ygly Christmas sweaters are the best. They aren't meant to embarrass the wearer but to show that the wearer can be weird and have fun. Its the Holidays, so have fun!!

Susan said...

:o) I ended up wearing my tree Christmas sweater to one of the church programs. I noticed a few other "fashionable" friends had theirs on too! :O)

Günter said...

I'm curious...

Felix said...

I'm curious...

Einhart said...

I'm curious...