Tuesday, December 3, 2013

more freezer cooking reviews

I have the best recipe for Beef Stew {well, it's actually Mom's recipe}. I've been making this recipe for quite awhile, but I've also tried several other recipes over the years, including a crock pot recipe. No recipe ever seems to measure up to my recipe, until I tried the Beef Stew I had in the freezer.
I thawed it, dumped the contents of the bag into the crock pot and added 1 cup of beef broth. That's it, dinner done {other than baking a can of Grand's biscuits}. It was delicious. It was a little different from my recipe, it had fresh green beans, which we really liked, but it didn't have potatoes {since potatoes don't freeze well}. I could have added the potatoes in while it was cooking, but honestly, I didn't miss them. It was a hit- there were no left-overs! I will probably make my old Beef Stew recipe again sometime, but I will definitely be making this freezer recipe again soon.
I was busy again today with decorating and cleaning, so I went back into my freezer stockpile. I decided on trying the Sausage & Peppers,
One again, I thawed then dumped in the crock pot. It smells soooo good while cooking!! All I had to do was cook some pasta and warm up a box of Texas Toast, and dinner was ready. This meal was also delicious! I did end up warming a jar of spaghetti sauce and added that in with my plate of pasta/sausage/peppers, but it would be fine without it {I just love mine saucier}.  It also suggested serving the sausage & peppers on a toasted bun w/mozzarella. I'll have to try it like that next time!

I am completely sold on freezer cooking! It is so nice not having to spend my time in the kitchen when I have so much to do and all the meals are soooooo good! :O) I can't wait to try more!

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Shanna Watson said...

My goodness...I'm definitely going to try these!!

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