Tuesday, December 17, 2013

.....a little disney update

A Very Merry Disney Senior Trip 2012
This time last year, we had just gotten back from Nathan's Senior Class Trip {Dec 12-16}.... we had a blast and it's a favorite memory from last year! :O) I love Disney, and every time I go, I wonder how can we top that trip, or can there really be things we still haven't experienced yet at WDW! I don't think I'll ever tire of going and I can hardly wait to go back again! Luckily, I don't have to wait too long....only about 50 days!!! We were originally booked for Feb 2-7, but (a) we realized we would be leaving for Disney a week before Nathan had to go back to work and time with Nathan is very precious these days...Disney could wait! and (b) our original check-in day was Feb 2nd....SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! I'm not counting on the Bears being in the SB, but after the Ravens win last night, we are, after all, 1st in our division, who knows?? (((LOL))). No matter who ends up there, I love watching the SB at home. So, I got on the phone with WDW and moved our trip up a few days...we'll now check in SAT FEB 08 and check out THURS FEB 13. A few travel days will be added in since we drive down, but I think those dates will work much better! We are very excited to be going back for our second "just us" trip {hopefully, Peter and I won't end up with Swine Flu like we did in 2011- I have NEVER been that sick in my entire life}.
We'll be trying out something new at WDW,  Magic Bands have replaced key cards for room/park access and dining. You can customize and have them mailed out to you before your trip or you can get standard bands at check-in. I customized ours yesterday, I chose PINK with my name on it, Peter chose Orange with his name on his. I'm anxious to see if they work as well as the key cards, although they will be easier to keep track of on your wrist, rather than pulling them out of your purse or wallet every time.

I cancelled our previous dining reservations and started over. I had great luck and rebooked OHANA and CAPE MAY CAFE. I decided to skip Coral Reef, but booked Kona, Yak & Yeti, and Rainforest Cafe'. We've eaten at all of these restaurants before, but since we are keeping our last day unplanned, maybe we'll get to try out something new on that day.
Peter and I are very excited to be going back to Yak & Yeti restaurant in Animal Kingdom. We ate there in 2012, during our last {3 of us}family trip. We had eaten several times before from Yak & Yeti counter service {which BTW is amazing!}.
typical counter service credit using the Disney Dining Plan: 1 lunch item/1 dessert/1 soda or water {the egg rolls could be used as a snack credit or pay OOP}
We couldn't wait to give the restaurant a try and OMG....it was soooooo good!
my entrée was yummy, but the SALAD there is....out of this world D*E*L*I*S*H!
I can't wait to go back to Y&Y....{and have the salad again}!! :O)

We are still going with the value resort All Star Movies. I was tempted to upgrade when I changed dates, but decided to stick with our choice. I'm curious to compare to the mods/deluxe and I really didn't want to fork out any more $$ since we've already paid for the trip. I'm sure I'll be happy anywhere I stay in Disney.
After Christmas, I'll start putting together my Disney folder! I love having everything organized and handy while traveling. I've pretty much gotten the trip planning down to a science, and the packing takes no time at all now, since I know what to pack for February temps in Florida {layer, layer, layer}. We usually start out in the morning with a jacket or sweatshirt {I've even worn my Land's End winter coat...brrrr}, a long sleeve tee, and a tee. As the day warms up, I start shedding clothes! Sometimes, we luck out though, and have t-shirt weather the entire trip. The weather suits us fine since, we actually prefer the spring-like temps. February is a favorite time of the year for us to go.

Yak & Yeti @ Animal Kingdom=BOOKED

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