Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Football, Food, & Lots of Fun {part 1}

Peter, Nathan, Kayla, & I had an awesome weekend ....{despite the Bears losing and one other major mishap!}.
On Saturday morning, we started our drive to Washington. About an hour or so in I realized I had forgotten my camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O( How could I forget my camera??????? Using my phone for pictures was not an option and Nathan takes a few pictures with his phone, but I knew he wouldn't humor me and take the all the pictures I wanted. I have to have pictures. There is no way I can take a family trip and not get pictures. I had to improvise, and after a quick stop in Walmart, I had a camera......
my new pink "Barbie" camera :O(
Now, when you pay $30 for a camera, you should know that you get what you paid for! I took about 50 or so pictures, and only a few where decent enough to post! :O(
After our pit stop in Walmart, we were on the road again. We started discussing where to have lunch. I think we made a great choice! YUM ~ Panera!
I <3 my Breast Cancer Awareness nails! Great job Andrea!

We got back on the road. The weather looked a little threatening, but it ended up being a gorgeous weekend.
I was anxious to get to the hotel. I had booked a studio at the brand new Residence Inn in Largo. I was very happy with my choice!!!

I really loved the bathroom, especially the walk-in shower. The kitchen area was pretty too, but I didn't get any good pics.

We made a few calls, then planned out the rest of our evening.
Peter and I wanted to see "Captain Phillips", so we decided to see a movie, then have dinner, then a little pool time.
We talked Nathan and Kayla into watching the movie with us, and they were so glad they went. The four of us were speechless the entire 2 hours!
AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME movie......one of the best I've ever seen!!!!!!

We had pretty much decided on dinner before going into the theatre.........
Kobe Japanese Steak & Seafood House
Nathan had never been to a Japanese steakhouse. He loved it!! He videoed pretty much the entire meal being cooked. LOL We had another family of Bears fans at our table. Nathan loves that part of the football trip....meeting and talking to other Bears fans. He had started getting "pumped" earlier as soon as we pulled into the hotel parking lot and started seeing lots of fellow Bears fans. :O) Dinner was delish!!! Once back at the hotel, N & K headed down to the pool and hot tub. Peter turned in early..........I waited up for the teens.


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