Monday, November 14, 2011

Monogram Monday: Christmas Cards

One of my most favorite things about Christmas is the CARDS! I love picking out the cards I want to send, I love writing them, I love adding little notes to those who are special to me or someone I just want to give an encouraging word to, I love finding cute address labels to put on the envelopes, and I even love buying the Christmas stamps to mail them with. I do also love getting cards. I really {love} getting those cute cards that have a family photo on them and I really love if they used a creative idea for the picture. I have always loved those cards, but never only got to send them one time. It was Logan's senior year {yeah, I know, shoulda done it years ago}, and I forced begged ...I asked the boys if they would please pose for a picture for our family Christmas card. Well, you would have thought I had just asked them to clean the entire house or something. While I was so excited about finally being able to send out "those" cards, the two guys on front of our Christmas card looked less than thrilled to be making their appearance in all the homes of our friends and family far and wide. So for 28 years of marriage, and the entire lives of our two kids, that was the extent of sending photo Christmas cards for our family! :O(  They are just not into that kind of thing...oh no, they are nothing like will simply be another year of Christmas card envy for me!! And now that I've discovered Pinterest, the possiblities are endless. Here are a few of my favorites this year.....
now hard would this be???
this is so cute!

just a nice family photo....
love the black & white photo with the red
of course, gotta love the monogram
love the colored caption
vacation photos with Christmas in mind...
love any card that involves a string of lights
okay...this one's a guys would never do this 
I love this one.....
perfect for the newlyweds or just engaged couple

.....maybe someday my family will humor me and don their matching Christmas sweaters {LOL} for a family photo for those wonderful, cute, creative cards I love so much!! 

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Natasha in Oz said...

These card ideas are great. We have never made a family card as I always buy them. I should try it one year!

Your blog is lovely-so glad i found it!

Best wishes,

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