Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brown and Green.....color scheme????

Crazy About My BaybahFurniture shopping..........I {hate} it!!! I think I know what I want, and I know how much I want to spend, so why did it take 3 hours to pick out a sofa, and why did I buy something I had no intention of buying, and why did I go wayyyy over budget to boot????? Because, you get in the furniture store, and of course, there are a gazillion too many choices, and the sales person is trying to sell you this really nice sofa, that has cushions and springs that will still be under warranty long after I'm sick of looking at this sofa {who wants to keep the same sofa for 20 years anyway}....
I finally chose the style sofa I wanted....2 cushions, on legs {no pleated skirt please}, firm cushions {I have a bad back and can rarely find a comfortable seat...anywhere}. I chose this beauty from the England line, but the color didn't work. Off to look at fabrics.......OH MY!!!! The salesperson started showing me the classic tapestry prints, the plaids, the "normal" sofa colors... I don't think my salesperson had ever been in a Pier 1, or ever looked at a Pottery Barn catalog, let alone browsed Pinterest. I wanted something fresh....something "different". Peter found a comfy spot, and left me to do my thing....I pulled swatch after swatch of fabric combinations off the rack....nothing clicked. Then I saw this gorgeous chocolate brown....{yes, brown is gorgeous}, and I was sold! Next came the hardest part, the pillow fabric. I got caught up in trying to coordinate with the existing colors in our living room....reds/mossy greens/tans....so I had trouble making a decision. Then I pulled out this beautiful "pear" green fabric and I knew it was the perfect accent color for the pillows {I later second guessed myself, and was ready to call the furniture store to cancel}! Once I got home and saw some pictures of the brown & green combo on Pinterest, I'm in love with it again. Here is the sofa and the fabric choices. It is special order and won't arrive until early December, but thought I'd give you a sneak peak......the photos really didn't capture the colors like I'd hoped, but you get the idea. The sofa really doesn't go with any of the red/green I currently have in our living room, so I may just to get rid of a few things. Oh well...I'm ready for a change! I found some curtains at Target that I think will look great in that room-the color is Chesapeake Green.
I've included some photos that I love from Pinterest just to give you an idea of my new brown & green color scheme!

photos from Pinterest

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