Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Computer Cable Clutter Tamed

I must make a confession, I {hate} cords! If it were possible, everything in our house would be wireless-completely cordless! At the same time, I will be honest and say, that I prefer a desk top computer over a laptop/notebook/netbook, or whatever they are calling them these days {now I'm yet to own an Ipad so I just might be persuaded otherwise}, but I simply {love} my desk top computer. As you know, with a desk top, comes the bizillions of cables and cords that end up tangled and messy. Before I started my room re-do, I came across this picture on Pinterest. 
I loved the idea of putting the printer under the desk and hiding all of the cords in the basket it is sitting on. Here is my version of that organization idea:
Peter also drilled a hole in the top of the desk, so that we could drop all the cords down through.
We strapped the cables together neatly with zip-straps. I made a small hole in the side of the basket to run the cords through, and plugged them into a power stip. Much, much neater!!!!
Another dilemma solved! The desk area is complete, except for the chair! I'll be doing some shopping this weekend, and at the top of the list is : Find the perfect desk chair..........

cute cord organization ideas I saw on Pinterest


Sharon, aka Bootersmom03 said...

Great way to tame the cords!! I can't stand cord clutter either and this was very helpful! New follower via Savvy Southern Style!

{K} said...

I hate cords too and love your great solutions!!

New follower here from the blog hop.

Camilleta said...

That is an awesome idea! Love it.

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