Thursday, March 2, 2017

weekly menu plan

Peter got home last Wednesday, and we have pretty much had seafood every day so far! :O)

Sauted Crabmeat
A crew change day favorite - simple yet yummy!

Soft Crab Sandwiches & Potato Salad
I love, love soft crabs especially the smaller ones, fried crispy, on white bread, with a splash of ketchup please! Peter asked for one of his faves - potato salad as our side. I use Pam E.'s recipe -sooo good!! 
I'm hoping to soon revive my food blog and will link all recipes there.

Grilled Marinated Deer Steak & Asparagus w/ Dill Hollandaise

Shrimp Creole

Broiled Oysters 
We love oysters broiled with butter & old bay then dipped in vinegar and/or cocktail sauce. Must have captain's wafers crackers with these. :O) 
(no pics taken today)

Homemade Pork BBQ sandwiches & Cole Slaw
I took a day off from seafood and slow-cooked a pork loin to make bbq. What's bbq without cole slaw- I made a fresh bowl using Mom's yummy recipe! 
(no pics taken today)

Clams Casino
Peter makes the best clams casino....
shuck clams leaving on the half shell. Put a piece of bacon on each then broil until crisp. 
Remove and add a dash of texas pete, cocktail sauce and cheddar cheese, 
then put back under the broiler until melted. Serve with captains wafers crackers. YUM!

Baked Shad is one of my favorites and it's always a sign that Spring is near when they show up.
Peter bought one from a local seafood market and I pulled out Norma Ray's recipe and cooked it up on Wednesday. DELISH!! 
bake for 7-8 hours!

(looks like this-covered with foil -before going in a low temp oven all day)

Fish Sandwiches & Baked Beans
Today, I took a break from cooking....I warmed up some Mrs. Paul's Fish Fillets and a can of Bush's Beans...I did make some homemade tarter sauce for the buns! :O) :O) 
I love cooking, but sometimes it's nice to take a day off! :O)

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