Friday, March 24, 2017

{birthday week coffee chat}

How amazing, that 52 years ago, God already had a plan for my life. I am constantly reminded that while I deserve none of it, he has blessed me beyond measure. I've read this verse a million times, but today, on my birthday, it was the reminder I needed. Thank you Lord for the little ways you remind me daily of how much you love me and how blessed I am.

Starting the week off a little healthier - 
but I couldn't resist a little birthday cake!! :O)

Loving my new water bottle from Kayla & Nathan. 
I had already started adding fruit to my water, but this bottle is perfect (and pretty!).
Started with blueberries & oranges today.

Ok Spring - WHERE ARE YOU??????

I came across these pretty {depression, jadeite?} dishes in the attic while getting my Spring stuff down.
Not sure of the age, but I know they have been in the family forever.
So Spring-y!

lemon mint tea + saltines
The only thing I wanted after that bug that hit me!!!
Thank goodness I felt better the next day!

Ending the week with a Salted Caramel Iced Coffee...yummm

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