Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Bucket List

I can't believe that one month of summer vacation is gone already....2 months from today and we'll be back to school!!!! Although, we've done a few fun things already, I still have lots I want our family to enjoy this summer. I've noticed lots of "bucket" lists on Pinterest, so I thought, why not make a "Summer Bucket List". I changed out my chalkboard today and made our very own list! Let's have some fun!!!!!

I'll be sure to update with links as the summer goes by! Hope everyone has a FUN & SAFE summer!!!!


Shanna Watson said...

I've been doing this for the past 2 years and my kids love it. And it's usually the simple things they enjoy and have fun with the most :)

You may even see them this weekend...mom is going to bring them over on Saturday for an overnight visit!

Susan said...

My 17 yr. old thinks I've taken being lame to a whole new level with this, but I love it!! :O) It's funny how fast the summer goes by and we don't seem to fit much into our busy lives. It's the little things that we remember though....hoping this reminder will make us try a little harder to do some fun things together this summer. I hope I get to see your kids, I know they have grown so much since I saw them last. :O)

M.S. said...

just found at the blog hop:) We looove Disney tooo:) Am following now.

cheri said...

I just found you via Simple Womans Daybook. What a fab blog you have. I love this idea of the summer bucket list. I am currently working through a list but I call it my Now List.

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