Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pin It Tuesday....7/24

Crazy About My Baybah
I finally had a chance to look through a huge stack of magazines I had accumulated over the past few months. I like to jot down things in my little notebook as I go through them, ideas or recipes, or things I might buy, or items I might add to my wish list. My recent pins have been some of these things.
big faced watches....I love the look {and I could actually see what time it is!}

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a fruit tart........blackberry would be yummy!
Vintage Minnie Mouse OPI Nail Polish Line
fun OPI colors....I love pink!
Chevron and Burlap.burlap & chevron

<3 this dressI'm in love with this dress! <3

my birthstone: aquamarine
my birthstone: aquamarine
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I should get a bike....I soooo need the exercise!
Driftwood Stained Ikea Vika Lerberg Desk
gorgeous workspace...love the Ikea desk!


beagleAnnie said...

All are beautiful things. NOw I know one of your favorite colors...light blue??

My Froley said...

All of these pictures are gorgeous ! Thanks for sharing

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