Friday, July 13, 2012

man on a mission.......

On Tuesday, I shared this post about making a "Summer Bucket List". Nathan thinks I'm just plain weird for making a list or so he wants me to think. Peter thought it was a little silly at first, but you can't imagine how many times he's read the list this week, and how many comments he's made {all good!} :O) Peter is the kind of person who is hard to get with the program, but once he does, he really gets into it and actually enjoys it in spite of himself. The list is so simple, yet it's things I long to do each summer, but can't get anyone else interested in joining in the fun. The summer goes by and we hardly do any of those little fun things families do together. But I think I have found the solution......Peter is now literally on a mission to check EVERYTHING off the list before summer ends!!!!! We went for ice cream last night, and this evening, he made a detour during our ride and headed to the beach, just in time to watch the sunset!!! It was a gorgeous night and the sunset was amazing! He was talking about the list on the way home, wondering what we could do next.......stay tuned, once this man gets started, there is no stopping until it's complete! Now, if I can only get Nathan to join in as well!

52 photos/week # 28: SKY

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beagleAnnie said...

Hi Susan
What a beautiful sunset! You are lucky to be such a nice place.

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