Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Catch Up

This week pretty much consisted of work!! But then again, why wouldn't it, it's mid-summer and I work in the tourist business. Things will slow down after Labor Day and once school starts. Our last night at the b&b will be Oct 9... I'm always glad/sad as while I love my job, working every day {in the heat I might add} really wears me down. I love being home....and the fall-it's my favorite season, so I'm counting down now-just about 2 months left!
Back to school is just around the corner-only 4 weeks to go. Nathan is enjoying summer break-hanging out with friends, riding around on his scooter, and sleeping in on the days he doesn't have yards to cut. He went to the eye doctor last week to get contacts, which he is loving, but didn't get his braces off as he expected. Another month maybe. He has plans to go to Baltimore again before school starts to watch an Orioles/Yankees game. Peter takes him, and another friend and his grandson every year. They have a great time!
Logan is loving the new boat he is working on-he has a great captain and crew! They just made a trip to Albany, NY, a new experience for him. He'll get off the boat on Weds....but won't be coming home though, as he will be house hunting. He is determined to find something this trip home.
That pretty much sums up this week at our house.........

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Ashley Eskridge said...

That's so exciting that Logan is house hunting! I am counting on you to post pics once he finds one! :)

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