Friday, August 12, 2011

Destination Disney - The Letter "G" & Fun Friday...

This week's letter ~ G
Genie Green Army Man
Gorilla Gorgeous View Candy shop in GermanyBeautiful GardensGoofy in the Move It Shake It Celebrate it ParadeGoofy statue Goofy , Pluto, & Nathan - 2008


Heidi said...

Great pictures this week. I love the Gorgeous View one the best - I'd love to be sitting on one of those beach chairs right about now!

Vicky said...

Love this! Hubby and I were married at WDW and go as much as we can. We live in Cali now with 3 little ones so we visit DL more, but love your blog.

I am a new follower from the Boost My Blog Hop. Would love a follow back at

Naomi said...

LOVE the Genie/Aladdin float! Great "G" pics!

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