Sunday, May 3, 2015

beach walk & new camera

I {{finally}} quit procrastinating and bought a new camera!!!! It's been on my wish list for several years now, and while I love my old camera, I really wanted a "good" camera! I ended up with a Canon Rebel EOS T5 and I think, once I learn how to use it, I'm going to love it!

I tried it out for the first time at Prom the other night, using the auto setting/regular lens. The pictures were just - okay. I got a little more practice at the beach today with both lenses. The weather was gorgeous so Peter and I took our first beach walk of the season. I was a little more satisfied with how the pictures turned out and was learning things as I went along. I still have sooooooooo much to learn, but I'm very excited about advancing my photography skills and taking better pictures for my blog.

Here are a few of the pictures:





The last picture was with the zoom lens. I finally (somewhat) figured it out on the way home. I like this picture of the shanty with the fish steamer (or what's left of it) and lighthouse (and even a seagull) in the background!!
(our beach finds)
We grilled steaks and asparagus for dinner when we got home!

What an awesome way to spend my last day before starting back to work, if I can just fit in a nap, it'll be perfect! :O)

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