Saturday, May 16, 2015

a special visit....

One of my greatest joys - spending time with our children!
Logan and Lindsey came home for an overnight visit on Friday.....we were so happy to spend a little time with both of them. Of course, when the kids come home, you have to cook all of their favorite foods! 

For dinner, Peter bought more crabs.....

For dessert - Lemon Lush!

Logan wanted a picture to send to Nathan (away at work), wearing his sweatshirt and eating his favorite dessert (they love to tease each other about who is the favorite child). LOL
Logan's hash tag......#thekinghasreturnedtohiscastle 

Lindsey got to experience her first breakfast at the Chesapeake House this morning. Let's just say she's a fan! :0) #bestbreakfastever

Later, we attended Tyler & Teresa's wedding at the beach.... happy for them!

a proud mom!

.....then a few hours of hanging out and catching up before they had to catch the boat home. They promised not to wait so long before coming back for another visit. They live close by, so we get to see them at least once a month or so, but there is nothing like having my children here.....I miss that! Hopefully, Nathan and Logan will soon have overlapping schedules so that we can all get together again.

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Ashley Eskridge said...

That made me laugh. Jonathon always says I'm the favorite and I say he is.

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