Monday, March 28, 2016

The Simple Woman's Day Book: March 2016


For Today...Monday 3/28/16
Outside my was gorgeous!
The temps got up to 70 - a true spring day!! :O)
I am thankful....for the little things!
I am wearing....jeans and my "Believe There Is Good In The World" tee

A favorite quote of the day....
Alisa Bobzien It's All Good Art Print #urbanoutfitters:
Nathan's motto to live by! :O) :O)
In the kitchen....after months of eating junky or barely cooking for myself while Peter is away at work, I took the plunge today and signed up for Blue Apron!!! Today's salmon Lean Cuisine was what drove me over the edge to do something about the way I am eating! It was the nastiest thing I ever ate! :O( I have read rave reviews about the meals from Blue Apron, and since I LOVE to cook, I think it is the answer to my dinner dilemma. My first shipment is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday! I signed up for the 2-person plan, but with Peter being gone, this will give me 6 meals. You can skip any week it doesn't work for you and you can cancel at anytime. I will do a full review once I try all the meals. I may or may not do it the weeks Peter is home, since I'm usually cooking for him, Nathan/and Kayla too.
From the board room (Pinterest)....I am giving Lindsey a baby shower on May 14th, so I am busy planning! I found some really cute baby girl ideas that I love! It will be very pink & very girlie!
Pink table -pretty for any girly girl party..little girl, sweet sixteen, bridal shower or baby shower,,,so pretty by Titiksha:

One of my favorite things....I've probably watched it a 100 times, but when Julie & Julia comes on, I watch (even when I'm supposed to be Spring cleaning!). It's about three of my favorite things: Julia Child, cooking, and blogging! "O)

On the calendar.....
3/30-4/02 ~ a few days at Logan & Lindsey's :O)
4/12 ~ mani appt.
4/13 ~ crew change
4/14-4/15 ~ off for the night/Peter doctor appt.
4/18 ~ Kayla's birthday
4/18 ~ start cleaning b&b
4/27 ~ crew change
5/06 ~ Prom (finally done with Proms but still love seeing all the dresses!)
5/07 ~ opening weekend at b&b // Lindsey's 4D sonogram!! :O)
5/08 ~ Mother's Day
5/11 ~ crew change
5/14 ~ Baby Shower/TI
5/17 ~ Logan & Lindsey's {2nd} anniversary
5/25 ~ crew change
5/30 ~ Memorial Day


6/05 ~ Baby Shower/Marion
6/08 ~ crew change
6/12 ~ MIL/BIL birthday
6/15 ~ Dad's birthday
6/17 ~ our anniversary <3
6/19 ~ Father's Day
6/20 ~ Nathan's 21st birthday
6/22 ~ crew change
6/29 ~ Peter's birthday


7/04 ~ 4th of July
7/05 ~ BABY!!!!


Shellbell said...

I signed up for Hello Fresh & Blue Apron! I used deals to get the first week cheap. I plan to get 1 delivery of each per month, roughly. So far the Hello Fresh meal options have looked better to me, but we shall see over time. I haven gotten 2 HF boxes and BA is coming in April. I can send you a link to try Hello Fresh for free if you want to try and compare. Just let me know!

Susan Crockett said...

Yes!! Please send the link! I had heard more about Blue Apron so I started with them. I am so excited to receive my first shipment on Tuesday. I got 2 free dinners (out of the six) in my first order. I think it is the perfect solution to my cooking for one problem! I have hardly cooked anything good for myself since Peter started his job in August. I love to cook, but haven't had the motivation. I can't wait! Thanks!!

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