Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's Almost Disney Time!!

I can barely contain my excitement! We leave for Disney in just 2 days!!!!

This will be my 9th trip to WDW and I am just as excited as I was the first time we went. People ask why we keep going back, I tell them because we absolutely love this happy place and find new, exciting things to do every time we go. :0) As long as I feel this excited about WDW and enjoy a relaxing, fun week, we'll keep going!! :O)

I am still packing. It is different packing for a flight instead of a road trip because I have to not only worry about how much I'm packing, but what I can pack. I love traveling by car, because we can take things like bottled water and breakfast/snack foods. We aren't big on breakfast, but like a breakfast bar or banana. We can get this stuff at the food court, but it's very pricey. We'll probably just grab some coffee or juice on the way to the parks and do lunch kind of early. Of course, there are always snack credits, and there is a Starbucks in the parks. I'm not too worried about being hungry though, I'm actually wondering how we are going to fit all the food into our day! :O)

The weather is looking great for our week there. The temps are forecasted for 75-80 degrees! I'll take that! I'm still thinking about how we almost went to NY instead this year.....I would have been so sad! :O(

I am excited about flying...Peter, not so much! I talk so much though, he won't have a chance to even think about being scared! I do enjoy our road trip, but being in Florida in just over 2 hours sounds wonderful! :O)

Our luggage tags finally arrived yesterday! I booked our flights late, so they didn't come with our travel packet. Traveling by plane to WDW is so convenient. Once we get off the plane, all we have to do is get in line for Disney's Magical Express bus, and we'll be taken to our resort (free shuttle service). Our luggage will be delivered to our room. Same applies to check-out and getting back to the airport when we leave. We'll use Disney transportation while we are there - we love using the buses, boats, and especially the monorail to get around WDW.

Once we check-in on Thursday, we'll catch the bus to Magic Kingdom where we'll start our vacation. We'll have dinner at 'OHana, one of our favorite restaurants, that night!! I can hardly wait!!!!!! :O)

I plan to post on Instagram while we are there!

I appreciate all prayers while we are traveling!

It's almost DISNEY time!!!

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