Saturday, April 2, 2016

{nursery sneak-peek}

Keeping busy these days! Peter and Nathan are pulling their three week tour, so I'm using this time to get the house Spring cleaned. So far, I've finished the front room, living room, and almost done in our bedroom. A few hours on Monday should rap that room up, then I'm moving on to the kitchen, which really needs the most attention. I took a little break to spend a few days with Lindsey getting the nursery ready (while Logan was at school). I had the best time, and we got sooooo much accomplished!
They chose light grey for the walls and this pretty pink for accent pieces.
What used to be their guest room (previous owner's little boys room)
will now be baby girl's nursery! I'll share some work-in-progress pics for now, and once Lindsey and Logan finish it, I'll post pictures. :O)
before & after
Logan had painted the dressers (Lindsey's childhood furniture) and
Lindsey and I gave the knobs a new look (pictures to be shared later).
It took me a couple of days to get all the painting done, but I love how it turned out. It looks so good! It was hard to capture the true shade of grey....
Once all the painting was done, I washed the window, screen, blind, and put all the outlet covers on. The brushed nickel ceiling fan was like new, so I just painted the blades white to match, and put the fan back together.
 Logan hung a new white rod when he got home...
and then the PINK started showing up!!
I asked Lindsey to take this week's bumpie pic in the nursery! <3
source: Facebook
I had the best visit! We got more done than we planned in those 3 days. The nursery is ready to decorate, the guest room has been relocated to the other bedroom, and windows and curtains have been washed in some of the other rooms. We were worn out when we stopped for the day, but Lindsey made dinner for us each night and then we crashed, watching tv and talking for hours. I was glad to see Logan on Friday...I hadn't seen him since the reveal party in February! Two months is wayyy too long for me! :O(
Logan had a good week at school, especially since he got to stay with his captain, Robby. He enjoyed spending some time with him and his family, and he even went out to fish crabpots one morning before school. If anyone knows Logan, he was in his glory!
source: Facebook
Allie was my partner until Logan got home on Friday, then she didn't leave his side.
Guest room starting to shape up....
And this is my favorite picture from my visit.....
What a good memory of their little growing family!! <3
:O) :O)
This was my hardest time yet leaving.They made me feel so welcome and I loved being a part of getting ready for the baby. I realized even more, how hard it is going to be not being a part of the their everyday life once the baby gets here.
I'm thankful that they live close by.....:O)

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