Saturday, March 26, 2016

Our Disney Vacation 2016 - Day 5 (FUN DAY - part two)

Day 5 - Monday 3/07/16 - Horseback Riding @ Fort Wilderness

Peter wanted to do the horse trail again this year, so we headed to Fort Wilderness after breakfast. We took the monorail back to Magic Kingdom, then went over to catch the boat to Fort Wilderness.

We had a short wait until our time to ride, but we headed over to The Circle D Ranch to hang out. I got pics before and after, but wish I could get some during the ride, but we have to store our phones, cameras, and bags in a locker while we ride. 


Peter (again) got the good horse, I got Mick, the ornery one!!!!! I knew before we even left the pen that he was going to be stubborn! Needless to say, the CM in the back with me, had to finally get off of her horse and put a rope on my horse and lead me through the entire trail! :O( I was a happy camper though, and just went along with it, but I expected Mike to do a Hi-O Silver move and send me flying off at any moment! LOL

cost: $92.00 (45 minute ride)
side note: two days later we got a call from the ranch saying they had credited our account for my horse ride ($46) due to Mick's bad behavior! ;o)

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