Thursday, March 24, 2016

Our Disney Vacation 2016 - Day 4 (DHS)

Day 4 - Sunday 3/06/16 - DHS

Today was our Hollywood Studios day. There are lots of things I love about DHS, but the counter service options is not one of them. I had read about The Trolley Car Cafe', the latest Starbucks addition to the park, and thought we'd give brunch there a try. We were in the park by 10:00, and we headed straight there, stopping only to get a picture (first year without the big hat in the background!).

Peter ordered the Beef Brisket Sandwich, an Iced Mocha, and a Darth Vader (Lemon) Cupcake. I got the Turkey Gouda Sandwich, an Orange Mango Smoothie, and the Butterfinger Cupcake. My favorite part about this meal was definitely the sandwich. It was AMAZING!! I tried to find a description of it online, but it doesn't list it anywhere that I can see. The cupcake was HUGE, and was delish! I couldn't think of finishing it though. The smoothie was just okay...I make much yummier smoothies!! :O)


$47.87 or 2 CS cedits
It was HOT today!! We were both sunburned already, so we lathered on the sunscreen and made the best of it. We had a FP for Star Tours, but Peter opted out. We rode last year, and it made him a little queasy. LOL I, on the other hand, love the ride!
Afterwards, we wanted to ride The Great Movie Ride, but it was a 40 minute wait. Maybe later. We walked past TSMM, but it was down at the time, plus, we didn't have a Fast Pass, so it was a skip this year. Then, we walked over to Streets of America, that I read was being done away with. There were lots of screens up and some construction going on. It was pretty much deserted and there was very little to do over that way.
I did want to find the umbrella from Singing in the Rain....

We walked around a bit, then ended up going back just in time the 12:00 Indiana Jones show which we always enjoy.

We had a FP for Lights, Motor, Action, but it wasn't until the 4:00 show. If we headed straight over there, we could catch the 1:00 show instead. That time worked better because we had an early dinner ADR today. We hadn't seen this show in years, and we were glad we went back because as of April, it will be gone too!
I knew were I wanted to go next.......
I did the Single Rider Line and was riding in minutes! I LOVE, LOVE this roller coaster!!
Peter was waiting for me once I got off. I really wish he loved rides like me!! :O(
I had made up my mind that I would ride Tower of Terror alone this year. I was certain they offered the Single Rider option for this one too, but I asked a CM and he didnt know what I was talking about. The wait time was 40 minutes, but thinking about it any longer than a few minutes, I chickened out...again!! So, riding ToT solo is back on the to-do list.
coming of my favorite parts of our trip!!

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