Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Our Disney Vacation 2016 - Day 3 (Animal Kingdom pt. 2)

Day 3 - Saturday 3/05/16 Animal Kingdom (part two)

We stopped to watch the monkeys play.

Then, we got lunch at one of our favorite spots in AK. This was our first time since the refurb. It was VERY busy, but worth the wait.

Peter got the ribs combo and I got the pulled pork. We both got Cokes and the Key Lime Pie. It was DELISH!! $49.68 or 2 CS credits

It was time for our FP for the safari, so we headed there next.

Our guide was in training and wasn't the best we've ever had. We still enjoyed it though as it's a favorite attraction in AK. Afterwards, we went to find the gorillas. They were very active today, except the big guy, who hardly moved the whole time we were there.

I wanted to ride Expecition Everest, so Peter found a seat and waited for me in the shade. We picked up a piece of turtle fudge ($4.19 or 1 SC) and a Coke (OOP) to share.

I got in the single rider line and in just a few minutes I was meeting the Yeti!

coming up.....part three

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