Sunday, June 28, 2015

weekend catch-up & summer calendar

What a crazy, busy week!

Nathan came home from work for 2 hours on Monday, then headed to Gloucester for his last two days of school for awhile. He needed the lifeboat course to finish his AB. On Friday, he got his call to begin training on the barge on his next tour. So proud of him! What a big accomplishment in less than two years on the job! Kayla had orientation at college on Thursday, so she and Nathan went to that and then stayed off for a few nights.

I had VBS all week, ending with the program on Friday night. We had crabs for dinner after the program. :0)

I had a slow weekend at work, so I worked alone. I guess it was a combination of bad weather and next weekend being a week looks much busier.

We had some great return guests this week who brought me some veggies from their garden, a huge watermelon, and the best (homemade) donuts I ever ate!

On Saturday, we grilled and we were able to get dinner in before the rain started. It rained the rest of the evening, so we took a long nap after dinner.....(a perk of having a semi-empty nest). :0)

Strange Photo of the Week:

This guy showed up while we were eating. I never saw a crane on a wire (in our backyard!).

Since we missed Nathan's birthday last Saturday, we celebrated today......

Nathan loved them!!!!!

Cookies by Mary!! They are not only pretty, they are delicious! She is super-talented.:0)

It's Peter's birthday tomorrow, so I made Lemon Lush today and we did a little birthday-combo celebrating!

Big Brother started this week! And I love that one of the couples from Amazing Race is on the show. :O)
Big Brother 17 Jeff Wedon and Jackie Ibarra
[source: google]
and a few random pictures from the week:

 [source: facebook]
Logan doing one of the things he loves best!

We have Martin's everyday!!.....[they just won't go inside the house!!!]
Frustrating birds!

Nathan has a kayak! I'm super-excited!!!!

Calendar Countdown:

 as of today.....99 days of work left!!!!!!!! :O)

 1 day - June 29- Peter's Birthday

6 days- July 4- *cookout/beach/fireworks*
19 days- July 17- Lindsey's Birthday

60 days- August 27/28/29 - Homecoming

67 days- September 3- Logan's birthday
71 days- September 7 Labor Day
74 days- September 10 Football begins!!!!
77 days- September 13 Bears first game [vs.Packers]

99 days - October 4 - last night at b&b 
125 days - October 31 - Halloween

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