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The Happiness Project: June 2015 (part 1)

The Happiness Project
June 2015
Make Time For Friends
"Having strong social bonds is probably the most meaningful contributor to happiness."

"Of all things that wisdom provides for living one's entire life in happiness, the greatest by far is the possession of friendship. You need close long-term relationships, you need to be able to confide in others, you need to belong."

"Studies show that having strong friendships not only provides joy, but also lengthens life, boosts immunity, and cuts the risk of depression. To keep loneliness at bay, you need at least one close relationship with someone in whom you can confide, you also need a relationship network, which helps provide a sense of identity and self-esteem and in which you can give and receive support."

June is focused on relationships: strengthening old friendships, deepening existing friendships, and making new friends.

happy birthday watercolor card.

Part 1: Remember Birthdays

At a bare minimum, we should remember birthdays. I turned 50 this year, so I couldn't help but remember my classmates birthdays as they came up and many of them remembered mine too. I love birthdays!! I love getting birthday cards and calls and being made to feel extra special. Who doesn't love Happy Birthday wishes?

In a world of social media, things have changed from mailing birthday cards or calling, to a simple "Happy Birthday" wish on a Facebook wall (although everyone loves to see how many wishes they can get....you are really loved if you get over 100...LOL). :O)

The 101 Best Birthday Quotes - Curated Quotes

In this chapter, Gretchen updated her address book, and copied it on her computer. She chose to send out birthday emails as her way to keep in touch. While looking through her contact list, she realized how many "friends" she had lost contact with over the years. She remembered a girl from high school whom she had fallen out of touch with, and was saddened that so many years had passed without contact. After a little searching, she tracked down her phone number and called her. She sounded surprised, but happy to hear from her and they ended up talking for two hours. Hearing her voice brought back good memories. Before hanging up, she asked when her birthday was and promised not to wait ten more years without contacting her.

Happy Birthday! Make a Wish!

There really wasn't a way for them to become close friends again; they lived too far apart, and too much time had passed. But for years Gretchen had been bothered by this relationship that had just been left hanging. She was very happy to talk to her again and was planning to keep in touch.

In a time where things seem "too busy", if we don't take time for regular visits or calls to friends, at least "remember birthdays", at least once a year we can make others feel special.

Pink birthday party table display with pink ombr cake. All the details and more pictures on the blog! Maggie Holmes

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