Friday, June 19, 2015

5 on friday: cleaning tips

Cleaning Tips & Tricks

(1) Daily Cleaning
Using a timer is my best trick for keeping on top of daily cleaning. I spend less than an hour a day on cleaning, but have finally found the secret to keeping the house clean & tidy!
I set the timer for 10 minutes per room and get going!!
I normally start in the laundry room, starting a load of clothes, folding and putting away any clothes from the dryer. I Swiffer vacuum the floor, shake the rug, and Glass Plus both doors (as needed). One day a week, I mop the floor.
Move on to the kitchen, I unpack/pack the dishwasher, Swiffer vacuum the floor, shake rugs, and take out something for dinner. One day a week, I mop the floor. I wipe down the counters daily as I do the dishes.
Next, the bedrooms (usually just ours since Nathan is gone 2 weeks out of the month). Daily=make bed, once a week=change sheets, vacuum, and dust.
For the living room, daily=Swiffer vacuum wood floor and straighten up, once a week=vacuum area rug, scrub floor, and dust.
For the front room, daily=straighten up, once a week=vacuum and dust.
Bathroom: daily= wipe down with Lysol wipes, once a week=clean!!
This absolutely works for me, especially since starting back to work. I hate coming home to a messy house and this is a quick & easy way to keep the house clean and tidy!

(2) Spring Cleaning
I found the best way to Spring Clean the house this year: Clean One Wall a Day. It took me several weeks to finish the entire house, but it seemed less overwhelming and it allowed me plenty of time to do other things with my day.
I only cleaned one wall a day. That's it. Of course, that meant that I spent about a week in each room.

Ex. I started in our bedroom.
Wall #1 / day 1 - wipe down wall, wash window, clean blind, air curtains, clean out nightstand.
Wall #2 / day 2 - wash all bedding and remake bed, wipe down wall, clean out second nightstand.
Wall #3 /day 3 - closet (clean out and organize), wipe down wall, organize dresser.

Wall #4 /day 4  - wipe down wall, organize file bench, and clean out armoire.

On Friday /day 5, I cleaned the ceiling fan and vacuumed the floor.

I spent no more than an hour or two a day cleaning and the rest of the house wasn't a mess like it usually is while I'm Spring Cleaning, plus I had time to other (more fun) things with my day!

I started after our vacation in February and finished the whole house and attic before starting back to work. Doing one wall a day made Spring Cleaning seem less overwhelming and I did a really thorough job without spending all day cleaning.

(3) Homemade Reusable Dryer Sheets

DIY:: $1 FOREVER DRYER SHEETS THAT WORK ! Clothes came out of the dryer smelling fresh, feeling soft and without any annoying static cling !!
I really want to try these. What a great way to save money!


(4) Remove Grease Spots
Use Dawn and a toothbrush before throwing in the washer to get grease spots off of your clothes.
Grease stains on your clothes? Before washing, drizzle some Dawn dish soap on the stain and rub with a damp toothbrush and then throw in the wash. Comes right out!
I also read that chalk works, but haven't tried it.
Use Chalk To Get Rid Of Grease Stains  Save some money pre-treating clothes with grease stains on them with extra detergent, simply rub chalk over the grease stain. The chalk with absorb the grease. Afterwards wash the clothes like normal.


(5) Meyers Products
I have been thinking about trying Meyers products, but not convinced I want to spend the $$. Where is the best place to buy them?
I love the entire line of Mrs. Meyers products. No longer do you have to clean your house and breathe in fumes.


Alex Burke said...
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Alex Burke said...

Looks like you got the planning part down pat, especially during your Spring cleaning. Well done for that! Not a lot of people realize that cleaning can be easy if you've got every chore planned out. By doing so, you essentially save time and spend less effort. Thank you for sharing!

Alex Burke @ ICA Supply

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