Monday, December 15, 2014

Blogmas 2014 - Day 15 deck the halls

[Day 15]
I pulled out the usual many bins of Christmas decorations and lights again this year from the attic, but ended up packing most of the stuff back up. Most of the decorations are not "special" decorations, more just a collection of things I've accumulated through the years and try to find a spot for. This year was all about simplifying and scaling back on clutter...taking a more minimalist approach to the holidays. A few of my favorite things was more theme this year.

Here's what I did this year.....

Of course, the nativity....

A printable, a silver reindeer, & two special keepsakes (Mom Mom's chalk Santa and the Rudolph Derek made for Peter a few Christmas' ago)

I love giving/getting Christmas Cards!

These were the cards we sent out this year.
35955_XXX_v1.jpg?Snowman-Kraft-Boxed-Holiday-Cards-Set-of-15 {World Market -on sale!}

I used a white pen, which looked great on the kraft paper.

Here's how I am displaying our cards this year....
...especially love this card!! :O)

(just hole punch the corner and add to a binder ring as you receive them).

wreath on the back door
{finally painted it}

chalkboard & a few other decorations

Decorations outside: red/ clear lights on the shrubs, candles in the windows, wreaths on the front windows, & the same wreath I've used the past few years on the front door.

(from 2011-haven't gotten any outside pics this year)

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