Monday, December 15, 2014

Blogmas 2014 Day 11-14

[Day 11]
We normally host Christmas Eve dinner and usually have a sit down dinner (ham or turkey), but occasionally, we do things a little different. Since the new theme at our house is "new traditions/change", this year's Christmas Eve dinner will be yet another thing we will do differently this year. Nathan probably won't get home until sometime on 12/24, so we decided to do a buffet of a mix of party/hearty foods & sweets instead of a sit down dinner.  Nathan made the plans and helped make the menu this year. Trust me, if Nathan makes the menu, there will be LOTS of good food involved!! Here's the list- not sure if everything will make the cut (but most probably will!)....
Christmas Eve
Spiral Ham (with Dad's homemade biscuits)
Chicken Salad
BBQ sandwiches
Sausage Balls
Shrimp Dip
Spinach Dip
Cucumber Sandwiches
L'il Smokies
Onion Dip
Fresh Fruit w/fruit dip
Veggie Tray
Christmas Punch
Egg Nog
Chritmas Morning
Baked French Toast Casserole
Christmas Day
Single Fried Oysters?
more party food!
[Day 12]
[Day 13]
I have an Advent devotional, but other than that I just mark the days off the calendar.
Of course, when the boys were growing up, we always made Chritmas rings from red/green construction paper! We always made them at home too when I was little!
12 Last Minute and Free Elf on the Shelf Ideas | Over The Big Moon
[Day 14]
I have so many, but putting up the tree each year will always be a favorite. Dad would get everything out of the attic, Mom would bake her yummy mac & cheese, and we'd turn on Christmas music {8 track Pandora Radio...} and we'd spend the evening putting up the tree. Remember the color coded branches? Well, Dad is color blind, and sometimes the tree would begin to look a bit disfigured due mixing up the colors/branches!! It always ended up though being the most beautiful tree ever! I loved pulling all the ornaments out of the box and remembering where we had gotten them or who had given them to us {I still do this every year as I unpack our collection of ornaments.}
(copied from post dated 11/29/11 on my blog)

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