Wednesday, March 12, 2014

wedding wednesday: mother of the groom

Finding the dress......this has been so hard! I wanted to find something that didn't look too "old", after all, I am still in my 40's (just barely LOL). I knew what I wanted.....something lace or embellished, nothing sleeveless, silver or grey in color (or something in the pink family since that's the bridesmaids dress color), short/knee length, and something that didn't look like the classic "mother" dress. This seemed like a pretty easy dress to find and I found lots of great options. Here are a few that made the list:
This was a favorite! I was even willing to go with the champagne color, but it had to be ordered from the UK! I thought returning would be difficult if it didn't fit!
This dress is gorgeous but......sleeveless!
I loved this one and it even had the side clip like the bridesmaids dresses have and it came in silver. Again, UK, so a no go!
Another great choice that fit most of my requirements, but it just didn't feel like "the dress".
Pretty but wrong color.
This one came close!
The entire outfit please?! Oh, yea, I can't afford it!
This dress is so classy! And no, I couldn't pull off wearing that hat!
I like, but, hmmmm....not "the dress".
Pretty much perfect, but I feel like I would be tugging on this dress all night!
This dress is gorgeous, but I don't think there is enough Spanx in the world to pull off that bow around my waistline! LOL
Isn't this the classiest dress ever? The jacket/coat is gorgeous!
And if I could have pulled it off......this would have probably been "The Dress"!!!

Unfortunately, none of these dresses were chosen........while they are all beautiful and most were what I was looking for, I just couldn't commit to choosing any of them.
I did however, find it, that dress that you know as soon as you see it (and then there's the omen that when you click on it there is only one left and it's your size!!!!!) So, I've ordered it, and I am crossing my fingers that it is as beautiful in person as it is online (oh, and that it fits!) :0)

I'll share lots of pictures later......May 17th is coming soooo fast!! 

I love this photo idea.....the groom with his bride and his mom! :0)

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