Friday, March 28, 2014

Our Disney Vacation 2014 {day 7- part 2}

The stand-by line for Toy Story Mania was 50 minutes, but since this would be my only chance to ride, it was worth the wait. The time went by pretty fast, plus I had plenty of time to get pictures as I moved through the queue.

Pretty good score!

When I came out, Peter was already in the next AI show, so I headed over to Rockn' Roller Coaster for one last ride.
Almost gave in and rode Tower of Terror alone, but chickened out again! That ride definitely calls for a partner....scary!
I met up with Peter and we rode the Great Movie Ride. We hadn't done this one in several years.

When we came out, it looked a little stormy, so we decided to head back to the resort until dinner.
Even though the weather looked threatening, we left the resort without our ponchos. We had dinner tonight at Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney and it was awesome! Peter got a big ole' steak and I got the surf and turf. Cost: $87.62 {or 2 TS credits} + cash tip.

When we came out it was pouring!!!!! We were spending the rest of the night at Downtown Disney, so we bought two more ponchos. :0(  Our plans for the rest of the night was to see a movie, but the next showing wasn't until 9:15. Since it was raining, I suggested going to Disney Quest for an hour or so. Normally, we probably would have skipped the 5-story interactive theme park, since (a) we really aren't that big on video games and (b) admission is $45.00 each! But, we had 2 coupons for FREE admission that came in our resort packet, so why not? It was pretty fun, and we were just ready to sit and relax for awhile. Not sure we would we go back without the free admission, since we aren't big gaming people, but this is a great deal for those of you that love video games and/ or have kids that do. Disney Quest is certainly a video gamers heaven!
The AMC theater at DTD is huge! It has 24 theaters and also Dine-In Theaters, which sounds fun {future trip idea?}! Peter had been wanting to see Lone was awesome!! We love going to the movies and normally that is something we never do at Disney. Add dinner and a movie night to our future trip to-do list! :0)

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