Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Overly Ambitious.....

So I'm following up on this morning's post. I was quite the ambitious one wasn't I? Well, I did manage to scratch off the majority of the list, so I'm pretty satisfied with all I got done, but I have already started tomorrow's to-do {with left-over items from today topping the list}. Can you see the never ending cycle?

It was a gorgeous day, so I headed outside first. I painted both the back and front lights, which were showing signs of neglect.


I also hosed down the house, planted the azalea, weeded in front and back of the house, put out my springy flag, and trimmed the hedges.
perfect place to store my banner flags

I took a break for lunch and to switch out laundry, then back out to finish the hedges. I got cleaned up and headed out to run some errands. Special prayer time at church {my time is 2:15}, then to the grocery store to pick up a few items for dinner {I had a breakfast dinner}, then to the post office.
I came home and got all of the messages off the machine, then I spent the next 45 minutes returning calls. Nathan had a yard to do after school, so Peter and I had dinner, then I spent the next 30 minutes answering emails. I packed the dishwasher, then got ready for church. I am so glad I found the extra energy to go out tonight. We had such a wonderful meeting! Ella bought a touching message. She spoke on Galations 5:16-23. Just what I needed!
Once I got back home, I folded the laundry I had washed earlier today {I didn't empty the hamper though....more laundry tomorrow!},  fixed Nathan something to eat, and ended up at the computer. I skipped PTA today, but I'm headed over to check on Nathan's grades online and send an email to his teachers. I don't love PTA anymore.....I've been going to PTA for 20 years, and I know I only have 2 years of it left, but I can accomplish the same thing by emailing the teachers to check on Nathan {I also run into most of them at the grocery store on occasion}. Nathan is a good student and doesn't get into any trouble, so when I go to PTA it's the same thing....wait your turn, go in, we chitchat for a few minutes, they tell me he's doing fine, I tell them to contact me if there is anything I need to know, and I do this x5, it takes forever.....I know, I'm not doing my duty.....but I don't have the patience, especially when I can sit at home and do the same thing via email....I just love technology sometimes.
Well, I didn't get to the bills/ checkbook/menu planning or the quiet time at the kayak dock, but I had a really good day....a busy day, but a good day, oh, and if you are wondering how the "eating lifestyle change" went today, I did great.......
Lunch: turkey sandwich, yogart, & Diet Coke
well, I did great until I found this little guy in the freezer. I only had one though....I promise! ;O)


The Belly Dancer said...

Great post. I love to do lists and I push myself a little more everyday. I found there's lots of things I want to do and the day doesn't have enough ours, we waste lots of time by not having a list. have a great day and I look forward to reading more wonderful posts.

beagleAnnie said...

You did a lot of things today, Susan. Your busy days have already started, right? Like you, I like busy days to some extent, but be careful not to overwork. Now I understand it takes more time to recover.

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