Wednesday, April 11, 2012

the goose that laid the golden egg....

well.....maybe not a golden egg, but our pet goose, Gozzy did lay an egg today!!

We've had the goose now for 4 years. Her mother died shortly after she laid her eggs, so a friend of ours took the eggs and hatched them. Logan wanted to raise one, so we took one in. But, since Logan was away at work so much and has since moved away, Peter is actually the one who has taken care of it and raised it. The goose loves Peter so much and honks excitedly when she sees him. I always know when Peter is coming because Gozzy honks at the top of her lungs. She is not mean at all, and doesn't even hiss at you when you walk past her. Up until last year, we really weren't sure if she was male or female, that is until last spring when she laid 5 eggs!! She will eat out of Peter's hand, and even peck on the brim of his hat when he leans down to talk to her. I often tell Peter that he should be living on a farm, he really has a way with animals. The other thing that Peter does is put his hand near her wing and Gozzy will lift it so that he can scratch under it. I caught pictures of it today after she laid the egg.

According to last year's tally, Gozzy still has a few more eggs to go......I'll keep you posted!

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beagleAnnie said...

Wow, this is an exciting news. Please keep posting about it.

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