Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One man's trash is another man's treasure

This is so true! On Saturday, amongst all the festivities of Easter week, we decided to throw in a Yard Sale/Bake Sale for good measure! Fundraising for Nathan's Senior Trip is high on the priority to-do list these days, so why not do something that everyone loves....let's have a yard sale!!! We gathered up boxes of "stuff" from friends and family members {it's always amazing just how much "stuff" everyone has, but hey, one man's trash......}. We met on Friday evening to sort it all out and price it, and bright and early on Saturday morning we set up.

We also decided to add in a bake sale as well....
the goodies began to show up....a big thank-you to Hope, Glenna, & Kelly for the delicious pies and cakes you donated for Nathan!
I've mentioned before that we live in a small town, well, I'll tell you how small it is.....the population is about 500, and Nathan is one of five {yes, you read that correctly-5} of the graduating Class of 2013!!
Although we are few in number, we more than make up for it in the amount of support our community shows to one another, and in this case, the support of our children. Because of the teamwork of this small class, along with their parents help, and the generous support of the entire community, a senior trip to Walt Disney World is possible!
Meet the class:

Nathan & Brandon
Scott & Marissa (aka Squeak...thanks to Nathan!)
and there has to be some silliness when these guys get together....
Once we were all set up, and the badminton games were over, and all of the Pokemon cards had been looked through, and they had finished trying on weird outfits, the crowd was let in and everything went wild!

A huge success!!
There seemed to be something for everyone, nobody left the sale empty-handed, and even I found some neat stuff to decorate my mantel with! :O)
Expenses: $0.00
Profit: $760.00

Thanks everyone....see you at the next fundraiser!!! :O)

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beagleAnnie said...

Amazing!!It's so nice to live in such a wonderful society.

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