Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A day in the life of.......ME

I know we all have busy lives....that's just the way it is! But I wake up sometimes wondering how on earth I made it through yesterday, and how the to-do list for today can already be full by 8 a.m.! In all honesty, I love staying busy, I really love having a schedule, but I'm also not getting any younger and I see a difference every year in the amount of energy I have. I've noticed a trend too that I've recently started. I go full swing all day, then as soon as dinner is over, I just need to find the sofa to grab a few minutes of down time {aka...a cat-nap}. LOL I have never been a napper, except maybe on a rainy Sunday after church, but these days, by 6 p.m., I crash! And I don't even feel guilty anymore,{yes, I know, I'm one of those people}, a little rest after dinner definitely does the trick. This is something I'm learning to do for....ME!
There is something though that I  already make time for - a bubble bath, every night!
It's my few minutes of serenity in an otherwise chaotic world {my life sounds so stressful-really, it's not that bad}. Nap and a bubble life is sounding more peaceful already!
Now if I can just do better in the eating area. I really, really need a lifestyle change, I mean, I cannot eat what I want when I want for the rest of my life! Another thing I've noticed about getting older, the weight seems to creep up on you, and it goes to parts of your body it never went before, hence the term, middle age spread. Not good at all. I love is so hard for me to say the word diet. I prefer to say changing my eating that's what I'm doing, especially after this past week of ordering lunch out every day while cleaning the b&b, going through 2 dozen cream puffs/twists, and cooking a huge dinner every evening! This morning I picked out something healthy to start my day....I'll let you know how long that lasts...LOL.
While I was waiting for Nathan to get out of the shower this morning, I pulled out my little notebook and started jotting down things I'd like to get done today. We finished with the b&b yesterday, so I'm officially home for another week before my other busy life begins...tourist season! Instead of typing my list up to share, I just snapped a picture of the actual list.
I have a feeling I might not accomplish it all today {especially cleaning the shed-I'm hoping Nathan will help with that}, but I will probably scratch most of it off. Maybe I'll post again tonight to let you know how my day goes. It might make it a bit more challenging if I report back to you guys! I think I'll head outside first, I really need to get this azalea in the ground...asap!
What I'd really like to do today is take a walk, sit on a bench at the kayak dock with my camera, and maybe even stop by the library to pick up a book......oh well, a person can dream!


Sue at the Little Shack said...

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Anonymous said...

I love this post!! I would love to have a bubble bath every night but the bath isn't really long enough for me to get comfortable. I'm a new follower from the blog hop :) x

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