Saturday, April 14, 2012

52 Weeks of Organizing: Spice Cabinet

Week #9:  Organize Your Spices

I have organized my spices time and time again. I've moved them to different cabinets, I've used a spice rack, a Lazy Susan....{I've always hated that word, I mean why Susan? why not Jane or Mary? I mean, of all the girls names (or boys names for that matter),  why does it have to be Susan that is lazy???}LOL. Anyhow, I've tried several ways to organize my spices and baking stuff, but they always end up a cluttered mess. I do like the cabinet I've kept them in for the past year or so, but I needed to come up with a better way to organize them.....that Lazy Susan just had to go! So, I pulled everything out of the cabinet and culled through it, tossing a few old bottles, and making a list of things I needed.

Then I remembered an idea I had seen on another blog or Pinterest maybe, keep the spice bottles in a bin that can be pulled out for easy access. I had already labeled the tops of the spice bottles {I found the perfect labels on ebay awhile back}, so this idea turned out great!
I added a shelf to the cabinet as well and began to put everything back in. I use the middle shelf for spices/baking products, the top shelf for plastic storage containers/lids, and the bottom shelf for wallet, checkbook, extra checks, cash/coins, and the 2 red crocks hold keys. Oh, and my container of mints!

That's much better......I'm getting organized, one project at a time!

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beagleAnnie said...

Hi Susan,
Great job! Your work makes a good catalyst to me! I'm thinking cleaning my spice cabinet tomorrow.

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