Tuesday, January 17, 2017

{updated coffee center}

Awhile back, I created a coffee station in the kitchen. {LINK}  It's such a cute spot and super handy for making my morning coffee, and now it's been updated.

I've been wanting to add a breakfast bar to the kitchen and in order to do this, I needed to switch things up a bit. After Christmas, the plans finally came to me and the breakfast bar project is finally in the works. Last week, I cleaned and organized the kitchen and I ended up moving the coffee center to a different spot to make room!!

I've been wanting to use my old window for decorating, but never got it hung. I finally found the perfect spot!! I ordered a large boxwood wreath from Target (on sale) to add to it. {LINK}

I added a touch of Valentine's Day with a banner that I made and I framed a cute printable. I also added a pink depression glass creamer (vintage) that I came across while cleaning out the kitchen cabinets.

Target had replicas in their $$ spot, and they have been showing up all over IG.
source: Instagram
side note: have you jumped on the wood bead bandwagon yet? (see top shelf)
I haven't, but they are kind of growing on me.....

I love that I have some original pink depression glass! <3
The only other pieces that I have though, are a platter and one tea cup, which I've starting using.

Also, using some Rae Dunn touches and my metal mug holder from World Market!

Nathan and Kayla gave me a new Keurig for Christmas and I'm loving it!!! <3

(but sometimes I still have to have a Starbucks French Vanilla Frappuccino)

I'm not loving the light wood (pine?) top to my cabinet. It definitely needs a make-over!
I am loving darker wood stains or a reclaimed/weathered look. Hmmmm...

I am super excited to finally add the breakfast bar to the kitchen and even more excited 
that Dad came out of carpenter retirement and he (and I) will do the project. :O) 
I can't wait to share the details and see how it turns out!! Pictures coming soon....

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