Wednesday, January 11, 2017

*S*N*O*W* 2017

A big snow was in the forecast and this time, it was definitely a hit!!
It started snowing sometime after midnight on Friday and through the day on Saturday.

The spewing (and I mean s-p-e-w-i-n-g) FLU hit Nathan around 10 o'clock on Friday night and went on every 20-30 minutes until 10 o'clock the next morning!!!! O-M-G! 
We were all three up all night (I was actually taking pictures around 4 a.m.).

Thankfully, around 10 a.m., he fell asleep for a few hours, 
and when he woke up, he was feeling a little better. He managed to get a shower and finally go to the window to look at the snow around 5:00. <3

I made a big pot of clam chowder for dinner.
Nathan wasn't able to eat anything until the next day, except for a bowl of plain snow cream.
That's how good it is!! Even when you've had the flu you can't turn it down! 

Peter and I LOVE cherry snow cream!! YUMMM....

Peter went to the store to get gatorade and stuff for Nathan, 
but other than that no one left the house all day! 
(well, except to shovel the walk!)

Peter thought we got close to 15 inches!!

We both ventured out on Sunday to pick up food from Lorraine's. 
The roads were very icy!

We watched football and made more snow cream....oh! and napped!! 

Mom and Dad were house bound for a few days. Liz stayed with them while her heat was out.
(It's crazy how much she looks like Mom Mom sitting there). :O)
And isn't Mom's house so gorgeous!?!

Kamry's First Snow

This weather is good for some people....

Logan killing it 

and cooking it.....
His first try and cooking a goose dinner. 
He made his momma proud!! :O) :O)

Nathan and Kayla left on Monday to go back to their house for the week.
Kayla's new semester was to start on Monday, but the college didn't end up opening until today.

I had to cancel my wisdom teeth surgery on Monday!!! waaaaaa!! I really want to get this over with!!!
Waiting to hear back from the doctor for a reschedule. :O(

Peter left yesterday to go back to work. At least the roads were better and it is starting to warm up.
I stopped by Mom and Dad's after taking him to the boat. I hadn't been out of the house in days or been by there for awhile. Mom fixed us the best lunch and we got caught up on things. :O) :O)

I'm not the biggest fan of snow , I don't hate it, but it is just so inconvenient with travel, work, doctor visits, etc. I try to enjoy things rather than complain, but honestly, I'm okay if that is the extent of the snow (and especially ice) this winter. <3 

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